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Our Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist [PDF]

disaster recovery

Too often, businesses avoid planning for events or problems that they’ve never directly experienced before. After all, when you’re really busy starting and growing a business, who has time to plan for things that only have a limited likelihood of occurring.

Unfortunately, treating something as serious as Disaster Recovery with that attitude could mean that when a disaster finally happens, you will be entirely unprepared to deal with both the immediate damage and the long-term fallout. How will your business respond if your physical facilities are inaccessible for a day? A week? Destroyed completely and need to be rebuilt? How effective are your backups? Do you know how long it is between backup cycles, and how much damage it could cause to your business if a disaster struck right before the backup was supposed to run? Do you know how much data you would lose in that case?

There are so many questions you need to answer about your business before you can even hope to begin planning for a disaster recovery. And believe me, you absolutely NEED to plan for disaster recovery. Because without the right plan in place, you could find yourself attempting to salvage your business without access to your data, your equipment, and with no reasonable contact with your employees.