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Disaster Recovery: Forming Your Disaster Response Team

disaster response team

If it seems like each step in preparing your Disaster Recovery Plan is the most important step, even more important than the one that came before it, I can’t blame you. That said, we’ve come to another really important step – creating your Disaster Response Team (the “Team”).

This is more like two separate steps, but for the sheer sake of time, I will combine them here. First, you’re going to need to identify all the roles and the structure of the Team. Then you’re going to have to fill those roles with people in your organization. It’s definitely two different steps.

Creating Your Disaster Response Team Structure

For each disaster that you have identified in your Risk Matrix, you need to have a written procedure to be followed in the event such a disaster occurs. Your Team will be in charge of performing (or overseeing the performance of) those procedures. Critical responsibilities include:

  • Assessing whether to declare a disaster (and then actually declaring one);
  • Ensuring ongoing backups are performed and maintenance of business continuity systems;
  • Communication with employees and contractors…