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Disaster Recovery: Calculating Your RPO and RTO


There are two critical pieces of information you need when preparing your business’s Disaster Recovery Plan. The first is the amount of time your business-critical systems can be offline before your business suffers irreparable damage. The second is the amount of time it takes to get those systems back to full operation following a disaster.

That’s your RTO and RPO. And while it might seem straightforward – and it may be – it’s absolutely critical that those numbers are accurate.

So, what do they mean and how do you determine them?


RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective; RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective. These two parameters help you define how long your business can afford to be offline and how much data loss/operational down-time your business can tolerate.

RTO refers to the maximum amount of time it should take to restore a particular application/system to normal operations following a disaster, regardless of whether the result is data loss, a full-scale halt of business operations, or any other potential result…

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