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Who Hacked Me? Nation-States and Cyberattack Attribution [Podcast]

cyberattack attribution

When you’re the victim of a cyberattack, having some idea of who may be responsible is a pretty important piece of information. It gives you insight into what they might do with your information – the Chinese government is probably more interested in intellectual property than your exact location, but a cybercriminal gang is definitely going to sell your credit card number. It helps you plan out what your next steps need to be to address the problem.

And if you’re a small business, knowing who attacked you – cyberattack attribution – is crucial in determining whether any damages you incur will be covered by insurance. Because, as the title of this post suggests, if it’s another country’s government, it’s a fair bet that you’re going to have a harder time getting your money back.

Given how critical cyberattack attribution is, how is it even done? How do you ever really know who attacked you? We discuss in this week’s episode:

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