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Eufy’s Blunder – Don’t Promise what You Don’t Provide [Podcast]


Eufy made a name for itself as a video baby monitor company that provided peace of mind – in the form of top-of-the-line security to protect your privacy. It turns out their promises were more than a little bit hollow. When you promise things like end-to-end, military-grade encryption; when you promise things like no data stored in the cloud; when you promise things like only your device has access – those are all major security promises.

When you make those promises about a video baby monitor – one that not only involves a one-way video feed of your child sleeping, but a two-way audio feed (meaning you can talk to your baby from the other room), you had freaking well better know what you’re talking about! And when you’re given information that your security is falling short of those promises by a security researcher, maybe take them seriously.

Oh, and incredibly important extra point here – when a respected tech journal calls and asks for a comment, don’t flatly deny the existence of the problem and then disappear.

Those are all things that happened to Eufy, a subsidiary of the company Anker, this week. It’s bad.

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