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8 Lessons from the Uber Hack [Podcast]

uber hack

So, right from the start, let’s clarify – this is about the Uber hack that occurred (or was discovered/publicized) in September of 2022. In fact, it was a rather unique breach of an oft-breached company. The hacker who breached Uber appears to have used very basic phishing techniques to initially gain access, and then took advantage of – well, I guess you could say the need people have for human communication – to get a remarkable level of access within the company.

It appears that he didn’t steal anything, didn’t seek to make any money. In fact, he documented the breach and then told the world about it.

So how did this person manage to exploit the internal systems of a company that should have some remarkable security – given how much personal information they have on millions and millions of people? We discuss that and more in today’s episode:

For more information, resources, and a transcript of this episode, check out the original post.