The rise in electronic communication systems and social media…

… have created a vast amount of new kinds of data stored by individuals and companies all over the globe.

Much of this information – which never would have been previously available – is potentially crucial information in litigation of all types.

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Obtaining this information…

… as well as defending against aggressive fishing expeditions seeking potentially damning revelations within stored data, has become an important element of litigation at all levels.

At the Law Offices of Brian C. Focht, we leverage something relatively rare in the legal industry – the insights and experience of an attorney who has been ahead of the curve in understanding the value of electronically stored information in litigation – in all of our cases. Equally as important, we place a high value on doing so in a cost-effective manner.

We also have experience working with companies to put in place the kinds of systems and procedures for eDiscovery readiness and information governance – including retention and destruction policies – that have become necessary in the modern workplace.

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