Cybersecurity Audits & Consulting

Cyberattacks are a risk for any business, no matter the size. Our Small Business Cybersecurity Audits will help you strengthen your defenses to protect against attacks and improve resilience from any that get through.

  • We can improve your security
  • Let’s ensure compliance
  • We keep you on track.

Technology can be intimidating

How Can We Help?

There are a lot of things you can do to significantly improve your cyber
security, reduce your vulnerability to a cyber attack, and significantly limit the
impact any successful attack may have on your business.

Small Business Cybersecurity Audit

Here's how it works:

Before the audit begins, we will sit down with you to understand your business and what your goals are. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to cybersecurity, so providing the best service to you means spending some time getting to know you and your business.

This is the investigatory part of our audit. We inspect your physical premises, review your company policies, take inventory of your equipment and software, and conduct interviews with your staff. Through this process, we get a detailed picture of your business and your approach to cybersecurity.

Combining the information gained from the previous steps, we prepare a detailed audit report containing our recommendations for improving your cybersecurity. The report includes recommended changes in practice, proposed upgrades to equipment, systems and software, and detailed revisions to your company policies. Once you’ve had a chance to look over our report, we sit down with you and walk through the proposals, and answer any questions you may have.

Giving you recommendations would be of little value, in our opinion, if we did nothing to help you implement them. So we will work with you and your staff to help ensure that improvements to your cybersecurity are put in place and enforced.

Small Business Cybersecurity Audits

Types Of Audits

Different businesses have different needs. That's why we have various audits
that can be combined as-needed to apply to your company's circumstances.


Our standard audit, we evaluate your physical location(s), your company policies and procedures, and your existing equipment and software use and make specific recommendations to improve your cybersecurity and your cyber resilience.

Public Facing

New laws have dramatically changed the requirements for what companies must include in terms and policies that are published publicly. We can help make sure your company complies with all applicable laws governing sales and privacy, and help ensure your internal policies and practices match.

Equipment & Systems

We audit all of your computing and networking equipment and software and in addition to providing recommendations for getting the most out of your existing tools, we will provide you with our Upgrade Report. The report will contain information on upgrade recommendations, when to expect that upgrades will be necessary, and the projected cost of those upgrades, to allow you to better plan for your company's future needs.

Information Security

A detailed plan on how you will respond to a cyberattack is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. We will help you put together an Information Security Plan that provides step-by-step guidance on responding to a wide variety of emergencies and is adapted for your specific business and current personnel. Once complete, we will plan and manage "table top" exercises to ensure that everyone fully understands their role.

Custom Plans

Cybersecurity is not one-size-fits-all, so neither are our audits. We will work with you to design the audit that fits your company's existing needs and best fits your budget.

Different Businesses; Different Obligations

Ensuring Your Business's Compliance

The cyber threats to a company varies widely, especially between different industries. It only makes sense that different rules would apply to different circumstances. Knowing those rules, complying with those rules, and knowing how those rules are likely to change in the future is essential for your cybersecurity.

Legal Compliance:

Depending on what your business does, different laws will apply to how you protect your data. Regardless what industry you operate in, we can help to make sure that your business complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and can help keep you up-to-date on potential changes in the law that may impact you.


Many obligations extend beyond the requirements explicitly written into law, but have similar consequences when they’re not met. If your business is subject to an ethical code, it’s highly likely to require certain steps be taken to protect data in your possession. We will help you identify, understand, and comply with any such ethical requirements, and provide certification that your cybersecurity protections meet those requirements.


Cyber liability insurance continues to get more expensive as insurance companies deal with major payouts. Insurance policies are getting more expensive, and insurance companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to avoid payment on claims. We can help you ensure compliance with all applicable requirements, and help you better understand the bordering-on-intentionally confusing terms of your cyber insurance policy.


As “supply chain” cyberattacks have increased, more business-to-business contracts have included requirements concerning the level and type of cybersecurity that the other party must use to protect data. We will make sure that your business can fully comply with contractual requirements, and advise you on what security you should be requiring of the companies you work with.

Our commitment to your cybersecurity is ongoing

Long-Term services

In addition to our audit services, we provide numerous long-term services,
including periodic reviews, ongoing employee training, and serving as retained
cybersecurity counsel. Schedule an appointment to talk about how our ongoing services can best serve you and your business.

Our Long-Term Services include

Keep you up
To Date

Both the threats and the laws related to cybersecurity are changing rapidly, and keeping up with them is a full-time job. We're here to help.

Employee Cyber

The single most valuable asset in any company’s cybersecurity toolbox is an employee who is aware of what a cyber attack looks like and what to do.


Simulated hacking attempts allow you to assess the level of readiness in your business. We'll be there to help run and evaluate the simulated response plan.

Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Scans

We will run penetration and vulnerability testing on your website and network assets to locate potential weaknesses.

Insurance Policy Consultation

Not every insurance policy is equipped to protect you from a hacker. We'll help you negotiate the right insurance policy with the protections you need.

On-call Cyber Incident Response

We will coordinate with our emergency response team to limit any existing intrusion, stop the hacker in its tracks, and make sure your business is safe.