You’re never 100% safe.

There’s no way to make yourself truly invulnerable to cyber attack.

In the event of a cyber attack, you need an experienced team ready at a moment’s notice to take aggressive action and protect your business, and the most critical role to fill immediately is a Cyber Attack Response Manager. The minute a cyber attack is detected, action is required.

The right actions can limit the damage, restore your business, and protect your employees and customers. The wrong ones could cost you your business and more.

Our team and our network of experts stand ready to help manage any type of cyber attack. Most importantly, we will handle the dirty work, allowing you to get back to business of running your business.

As your cyber attack response manager, we will:

cyber security IT emergency responders

We will coordinate with emergency response IT professionals

The first step in managing any cyber attack response IS to stop back in its tracks, and identify its source. Obviously, preventing any additional damage and getting the hacker out of your system is a priority.

We will coordinate with our emergency response IT professionals to limit any existing intrusion, stopped the hacker in its tracks, and make sure your business is safe from further intrusions. More importantly, we will make sure that all of the actions are consistent with not only your responsibilities to your customers, but with an eye towards potential investigations into the hack.

Even the best emergency response team sales if their actions leave your business open to regulatory action and liability.

cyber security and public relations

We will implement and execute a Notification Plan and appropriate Public Relations strategy

Do you know how long you have to notify your customers of a breach of your systems? That’s ok, not many people do.

However, failing to adequately notify your customers of a hack can quickly turn into a PR nightmare.

That’s why we stand ready to assist you not only with determining your obligations for notification of a data breach, but our network of experts is ready to help set up call centers to make sure that all of your notification obligations are met.

Moreover, our network of experts includes PR professionals who can help manage any media coverage of the attack.

It’s one thing to simply comply with the legal requirements. It’s another thing to go “above-and-beyond” for your customers and clients after a hack. For us, it’s just another part of protecting your business.

cyber security and law enforcement

Combine our efforts with those of local and federal law enforcement

One unfortunate byproduct of the sheer number of cyber attacks is that, for the most part, law enforcement isn’t likely to be all that interested in a cyber attack against your business unless it’s catastrophic.

Even so, we feel that it is both in your interests and our civic duty to combine our efforts with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, on the local, state or federal level, to try and bring hackers to justice.

Even if the perpetrators are never found, most law enforcement agencies have resources far beyond the capabilities of an average business when it comes to identifying and tracking criminal activity.

We will seek every advantage possible when it comes to responding to, and helping you recover from, a cyber attack.

cyber security managing an attack investigators and regulators

Assist outside investigators and regulators

At some point, especially if you’re operating in a heavily regulated industry, investigators from a state or federal agency are likely to knock on your door. Most people might react defensively to their arrival, only providing the minimal information for fear of the investigator misinterpreting what they see.

We see their arrival as an opportunity. Why? Because we know your business, we’ve been working with you and can show – through detailed documentation – your compliance with the applicable regulations.

We also know the regulators. We know what information they’re looking for, and how they want it to be presented. We know what rules they care the most about, and what violations they will not tolerate.

Because we know all of this, we won’t be nervous while they’re around. Because they know all of this, the investigators will be on our side.

cyber security and letting you get back to business

Let you get back to running your business

Although infrequently discussed, one of the biggest costs of a cyber attack is the time you spend unable to work – “Business Down Time.”

As I see it, our primary job is to make sure that you spend as little time away from your job as possible. We’ll handle the details, the minutae, the dirty work. We’ll make sure that the PR team is in place to handle the press. We’ll set up the notification alerts.

Our goal is to get your systems back up and running so that you don’t have to deal with anything other than running your business.

After all, isn’t that the whole point of all of this?

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