Cyber Attack

How we help:

  • Manage your incident/data breach response
  • Coordinate with regulators, law enforcement, and insurance companies
  • Defend against litigation
  • Pursue and defend against lawsuits and other actions
  • Post-breach investigations and assessments

Learning about a cyberattack is only the beginning

We handle the incident

In the event of a cyberattack, you need an experienced team ready at a moments notice to take aggressive action and protect your business. Our team and our network of expert stand ready to help manage any type of cyberattack. We will handle the dirty work, allowing you to get back to running your business.

The one role you absolutely must fill in the event of a cyberattack:

Cyberattack Response Manager

A Cyberattack Response Manager (or "Data Breach Response Manager") is the single, business-critical role at the center of your Security Incident Response Plan. This person will be coordinating several groups of specialists, each with unique, essential responsibilities, by providing a cohesive strategy and unifying message. If your Written Incident Response Plan does not include this role, it is materially incomplete.

Secure Your Systems:

Your Response Manager coordinates the IT response to a security incident, directing what actions to be taken, including numerous time-critical decisions that could have long-term impact on the business. These decisions require fore-knowledge of your systems and the types of data they contain.

Ethical Compliance:

Whether a minor cyber incident, or a full-scale data breach, any event triggering your Incident Response Plan should include a plan to address public inquiries. We will manage the response through dedicated public relations professionals as part of our unified response to the incident.

Coordinate with Law Enforcement, Regulators:

We will work with law enforcement to ensure the proper reporting of any incidents, attacks, or data breaches, to ensure that you’ve met any reporting requirements and meet any obligations you may have. Additionally, we will work with law enforcement at any level of government who have the resources to help you recover anything that may have been lost.

Oversee Data Breach Notification Process:

If the incident resulted in the loss of any personally identifiable information, your business may be subject to the various state-level data breach notification laws (or regulatory requirements), all of which are at least a little bit different. We will establish a list of all individuals who need to be contacted, prepare correspondence that complies with applicable law, and ensure that all other legal obligations are met.

We will represent your business

Regulatory Investigations and Proceedings

One of the most frightening prospects for a business after learning about a cyberattack is the thought of regulators knocking on your door. We will step in and take charge of the correspondence and compliance with any governmental or administrative agency. You get to focus on your business, and we make sure the investigation is limited, efficient, and appropriate.

Post-breach Notification & Correspondence

We will make sure the appropriate regulatory bodies are given proper and timely notice, ensure they have the information they need, and promptly address their concerns.

Regulatory & Administrative Investigations

As your representative, we participate in and oversee all investigations, ensuring that the process is efficient and minimizing intrusion and disruption into your business.

Hearings Or Other Proceedings

In the event any action is taken against your business by regulators, we will represent your business in any hearings or proceedings, with the mission to limit any exposure or penalties.

If lawsuits are filed against you

We Will Defend Your Business in Court

Unfortunately, the damage done by a cyberattack extends beyond the attack itself. If a customer, client, vendor, or someone else files a lawsuit against your business as a result of the attack, you will need experienced representation.

Wherever it is possible, we will help you

Recover What You’ve Lost

Returning to normal after a cyberattack is often impossible without recovering the money you've lost and spent in its aftermath. We will help you recover what was lost from wherever and whomever recovery is possible.

What can you learn from a cyberattack?

Post-breach Investigation/assessment

Living through a cyberattack and its aftermath is a horrible experience. The best way to limit the risks of attack in the future is to make sure you've learned from the attack, and your response, and improved your security as a result. We will help make sure that every aspect of your security and your incident response is examined, and that you are given the tools to emerge from an attack stronger and better prepared than ever.

Here's how our post-breach investigations can help your business:

How Did This Happen?

By investigating the breach itself, we can give you a complete look at how the cyberattack occurred, where your cybersecurity succeeded and failed, and how effective your response to the cyberattack was.

How Can We Prevent It From Happening Again?

Once we know what vulnerability was exploited by the attackers, and where your cybersecurity was breached, we can help you shore up your weaknesses while also making sure that your cybersecurity continues looking ahead. Defending against the last attack only goes so far in protecting against the next one.